Wall Anchor System

Basement walls often begin to buckle and bow, caving in under the enormous pressure of the weight of soil and water or frost outside the wall pressing inward. Once damage occurs, it can be difficult for any recovery of the wall to take place. A wall anchor system offers one of the best ways to stabilize basement walls, often allowing the walls to be straightened.

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How It Works

Earth plates are installed underground and attached by a steel rod to wall plates attached to the interior of basement walls. This allows for adjustments to bolts, adding counter pressure and possible recovery to bowing basement walls.  Typical installation of the wall anchor system includes these steps:

wall anchor system to fix bowing walls
  1. Sod or grass is removed in locations where earth plates will be placed
  2. Soil is extracted / a hole is dug where earth plates will be placed
  3. Soil is contained using tarps for easier replacement with minimal yard disruption
  4. The steel rod is driven from the inside of the home outward towards the earth plates
  5. The earth plate is attached to the steel rod
  6. The wall plate is attached to the steel rod on the inside of the basement wall
  7. The anchor is torqued and seated for maximum stability
  8. Dirt is replaced and tamped
  9. Sod is replaced where it was removed
successful installation of wall anchor system to fix bowing walls


  • Installations can be completed in one day
  • Installation when interior access is limited
  • Limited disturbance to landscaping and yard
  • Sometimes, contractors are able to straighten the wall overtime without excavation

Comparing Alternative Methods

Other methods are available for stabilizing basement walls, so it’s important to have an experienced foundation repair contractor offer an evaluation and customize a proposal for a solution.  While sometimes removal and replacement are the only options, the good news is that there’s almost always a more cost-effective solution.  Crossroads offers basement wall supports, carbon fiber reinforcements, crack repair, and other alternatives.  The wall anchor system is typically recommended when substantial movement has taken place or is likely to do so in the future.