Rhino Carbon Fiber Wall Support System

Several options are available to fix bowing basement walls, but Rhino™ carbon fiber wall supports are an excellent way to add an incredible amount of strength and stability when more invasive methods aren’t necessary.

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Rhino carbon fiber wall support system


  • Quick and clean installation with a great finished look
  • Limited lifetime, transferable warranty
  • Works on block and poured concrete foundations
  • The only patented carbon fiber system that ties in your footer, wall and sill plate for complete protection against any movement
  • The only patented carbon fiber system that structurally repairs the crack in your foundation wall and prevents water from entering

Rhino carbon fiber wall support system for corner wall

Corner Repair

Rhino™ carbon fiber wall straps are the only carbon fiber system that can structurally repair an outside corner of a foundation wall.  They also:

  • Help prevent future cracks
  • Distribute the pressure horizontally to correct and prevent future damage
  • Offer the strongest corner repair system on the market
  • Can easily be painted or covered to avoid any potential aesthetic issues with prospective buyers

Installation of Rhino carbon fiber wall support system


Installation of carbon fiber straps includes attachment to the foundation to offer maximum support.  Additionally, straps are also attached to ceiling joists.  Installers also use high-strength epoxy to ensure maximum protection of the entire treated wall.  Typical installation is less than a day, and the space is almost immediately usable again.