Many homeowners pay little attention to their crawl spaces until there is a problem or musty odor.

Odors develop and flooding happens because most crawl space are not sealed, many of them don’t have a proper vapor barrier, and/or sump pumps are not functioning properly—or may not even be installed.

There are a lot of ways for moisture to find its way into a crawl space. A damp or wet environment can create humid conditions that result in structural damage such as sagging floors and mold growth.

Regardless of the scope of the problem, you shouldn’t ignore it.

If you’re constantly fighting a wet crawl space or a musty smell in your home, our crawl space repair experts can help you determine the problem and provide a solution. Simply schedule a free evaluation with one of our certified crawl space repair experts.

No matter the amount of moisture in a crawl space, it can end up causing many serious issues. Over time, mold can develop and structural issues will happen. The most common crawl space repair problems we see include standing water, high humidity levels, and mold growth.

There are a number of crawl space repair and waterproofing solutions available, depending on the cause of your moisture intrusion. Some possible issues you might be facing include:

There are several reasons why you have water entering into your crawl space. We must address this first, then apply preventative solutions.

If you find that your doors and windows aren’t functioning properly or there is a uneven section of your floor, you could have crawl space foundation issues.

Foul odors and mold can be a serious health issue, as well as the potential cause of structural damage. This is common in crawl spaces with high humidity levels.

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