Crawl space conditions can have a great impact on your indoor air quality.

Thankfully, ignoring crawl space conditions seems to be a thing of the past. People are now more educated about how moisture in their crawl spaces can have a negative impact on their health and the structural integrity of their homes.

Here are the warning signs that you may have basement or crawl space issues.

Water vapor enters a crawl space from the ground, so many homeowners are now proactively encapsulating their crawl spaces to keep moisture out. Listed here are a few of the most common signs that you may need to talk with a crawl space encapsulation expert

Adding a crawl space vapor barrier (encapsulation) and dehumidifier to reduce high humidity levels is the best way to improve indoor air quality and make energy improvements inside your home. To get started, you can schedule a free evaluation with a certified crawl space encapsulation expert.

  • Standing water in your crawl space
  • Mold or mildew growth
  • High humidity levels
  • Sagging floors
  • Foundation issues

Our crawl space encapsulation experts offer a number of solutions to eliminate moisture in wet and humid crawl spaces.

To repair wet crawl spaces, we start by installing an interior drain system to fit your unique needs. This drain system allows water that may enter into your crawl space to be directed to a sump pump system with an alarm to be pumped out. Once we’ve installed the drainage system and dried out your crawl space, we’ll be ready for the crawl space encapsulation installation.

We start with our Healthy Living encapsulation system—a thick, white, durable poly liner with an antimicrobial layer. This permanently seals your crawl space from the outside environment, helps to prevent mold growth, and provides a clean and dry space.

We use the Santa Fe Dehumidification systems, which are designed to maintain the perfect level of humidity in your crawl space. They’re equipped with the capacity to hook up to a sump pump or a drain line so you don’t have to empty the bucket yourself, saving you time, energy, and a damp basement. Plus, they’re some of the most energy efficient dehumidifiers on the market, and they’re relatively maintenance free.

Once we’ve addressed the humidity levels, we’ll vacuum out all mold in your crawl space, using HEPA-safe vacuums. This is followed by a hydrogen peroxide-based cleaner from Anabec, which cleans and disinfects the entire area. The final step is to apply a sealing agent from Anabec to ensure that future mold growth does not occur.

All of our products are environmentally safe and do not require your family or pets to vacate your home.

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