Finding a bowed wall in your basement can be an alarming sight.

Many homes in Indiana suffer from this problem. A bowed wall is generally caused by lateral pressure from the expanding soil or water around your home. Although not all bowing walls need immediate repair, it’s important to understand the severity of the issue.

Here are the warning signs that you may need to have a basement wall repair.

Bowed walls can create severe structural problems for your home. Listed here are a few of the most commons signs that you may need a basement wall repair.

To understand the severity of your basement wall repair, you can schedule a free evaluation with a certified foundation repair expert.

  • Wall looks like it’s leaning in
  • Usually resembles a pregnant belly
  • Visible from inside of home
  • Countertops/cabinets pulling away from wall
  • Horizontal cracks in basement wall

Our basement wall repair experts offer a number of permanent solutions.

Our basement wall repair anchors are at the cutting edge of technology and require little to NO excavation, allowing minimal disruption to your landscaping.

We can install these anchors quickly on any type of wall material. They’ve been time tested and proven to be a successful and lower-cost basement wall repair solution.

To install the wall anchors, we take proper measurements and push rods through the wall and soil to a small hole in the yard, which is a minimum of 10 feet from your home. We then fasten a large earth plate to the rod, and we fasten a steel plate to the other end inside the basement.

Once tightened, this solution guarantees the wall will not move any further. In some situations, you may continue to tighten the anchor bolt, which will help the wall gradually move back into its original, upright position.

The Crossroads Steel Wall Support System is used in connection with the Crossroads Wall Anchor System. This unique system is specifically engineered to add extra structural stability to a previously bowed wall.

This system helps to spread the wall anchor’s load across the entire wall, both horizontally and vertically. We’ll tie in the system to both the floor and the floor structure. It’s perfect for block walls that are showing a shear at the bottom of the block wall.

This system also works well for wood foundation walls.

Rhino Carbon Fiber Straps are a great innovative product that allows you to stabilize your bowing or cracked foundation wall with no excavation. These straps can be used on both concrete block and poured concrete walls. They offer solutions for foundation corner repairs, and you can use carbon staples on wall cracks to stabilize them from further movement.

These straps are the only patented carbon fiber system that ties in your footer, wall, and sill plate for complete protection against any movement. They are 560g per square inch and have a tensile strength of 52,000 pounds per square inch, which is double the weight of other solutions in the industry. Additionally, the Rhino straps are 5.5″ wide, compared to 4″ solutions from other vendors.

This option leaves your wall ready to paint with no unsightly obstructions, and the installation is much faster than anchors, with immediate effects.

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