Professional foundation repair in action

How to Hire a Professional Foundation Repair Company

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Cracked concrete needing concrete repair in Lafayette, IN

Concrete Repair in Lafayette, IN & Surrounding Areas

Crossroads Foundation Repair is the premier foundation repair contractor in Lafayette, Indiana. Whether you are […]

Basement waterproofing in Indianapolis can become worse due to heavy rainfall.

Basement Waterproofing Indianapolis: Choosing The Right Service

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Foundation sill plates as part of a home.

What is a Foundation Sill?

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Foundation that is badly damaged.

Your Foundation Repair Questions, Answered

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A home with a for sale sign

Buying A Home With Foundation Issues

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Indianapolis sump pump failure can happen with even the most common sump pumps.

Indianapolis Sump Pump Failure

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Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

What Is a Crawl Space Vapor Barrier?

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Foundation repair lafayette indiana.

Foundation Repair in Lafayette & Surrounding Areas

Foundations are an essential part of the house. With time, the foundation develops wear and […]

A crawlspace and crawlspace entrance.

Secure Your Crawlspace Entrance with Crossroads

Having a crawlspace is necessary as long as it allows outside air to circulate beneath […]