A home with a for sale sign

Buying A Home With Foundation Issues

Buying A Home With Foundation Issues We often get calls and requests from potential homebuyers […]

Indianapolis sump pump failure can happen with even the most common sump pumps.

Indianapolis Sump Pump Failure

A sump pump works by pumping water from the floor of the house through the […]

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

What Is a Crawl Space Vapor Barrier?

Crawl spaces are unseen, so people often brush them aside when it’s time for home […]

Foundation repair lafayette indiana.

Foundation Repair in Lafayette & Surrounding Areas

Foundations are an essential part of the house. With time, the foundation develops wear and […]

Uneven Raised Basement & Concrete Floor

Uneven Raised Basement & Concrete Floor Issues

Basement floors can become uneven when they begin to dip and sag. It could be […]

A crawlspace and crawlspace entrance.

Secure Your Crawlspace Entrance with Crossroads

Having a crawlspace is necessary as long as it allows outside air to circulate beneath […]

A penny reseting on a level concrete floor

How to Level an Uneven Concrete Floor

Concrete floors are likely to settle unevenly over time due to cracking and moisture. Whether […]

A sill plate made of wood and lumber

What Is A Sill Plate: Answers from the Experts

The sill plant is an essential component used for a house’s structural framing. In most […]

If your concrete front porch is pulling away, call Crossroads Foundation Repair.

What To Do If Your Concrete Front Porch Is Pulling Away

Porches and patios are an extension of your living space. It’s an outdoor room that […]

Indiana foundation repair & basement waterproofing professionals can help reduce cracks in drywall.

Indiana Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing Tips

Keeping your home’s foundation in good shape is essential. That’s why Crossroads, your Indiana foundation […]