soil types and foundation repair problems

Soil Matters in Indiana

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Lafayette basement with a serious water problem that requires basement waterproofing.

Indiana Rainfall and Wet Basements

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Water in a basement.

Why Do We Have Water In Our Basement?

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Many homes in Indiana need a fix for their uneven foundation.

Fix Uneven Foundations in Indiana

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A crumbling foundation that is worth a foundation repair.

Foundation Repairs: Are They Worth It? 

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Creepy critters that lurk in your crawl space include animals like mice and rats.

Creepy Critters In Crawlspaces

As the weather gets colder, it’s not just people that are looking to avoid the […]

Damp basement walls like this one can be fixed with a foundation repair and waterproofing company.

How Do You Fix A Damp Basement Wall?

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A concrete front porch that may sink due to foundation probelms.

Is Your Concrete Front Porch Sinking?

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