As the weather gets colder, it’s not just people that are looking to avoid the chill. Critters large and small are beginning to look for safe spaces out of the elements. If your foundation has any cracks or gaps, it is likely that you might get spooked by some of the following creepy crawlies:

Wolf spiders: Right in time for Halloween, these arachnids seek out the warmth of garages and crawlspaces as the weather gets colder. Additionally, since they feed on other insects, they will be drawn to locations that are host to their desired prey.

Earwigs: This brown colored insect feeds on decaying plant matter, including mulch. If you have cracks in your foundation, it is an easy entry point to the house straight from any nearby flowerbeds.

Silverfish: Aptly named due to their silvery-grayish coloring, these nocturnal insects will feed on common household items including sugar, coffee, fabric and paper.

Centipedes: There are various types of centipedes that can be attracted to your basement or crawlspace, and for varying reasons. But since these insects are carnivorous, besides enjoying the damp basement conditions you may have, they are also drawn in by the other insects that might be taking up residence.

Pill Bugs: These insects are drawn to damp spaces when the ground and air outside become dry. If you see these roly-polys often, you may want to do a further inspection to see if you have any cracks or gaps that are allowing moisture to accumulate or seep through to your basement or crawlspace.

Mice and Snakes: These larger critters can be a sign that there are other holes, gaps or cracks at a crawlspace entry.

Whether they are larger or small, it is likely you don’t want to encounter any of these creepy critters or share your home with them through the winter. You can get rid of them by keeping your basements or crawlspaces dry, free of debris that they may feed on, and by repairing cracks and gaps that allow them easy access.

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